Get my eyes on your copy

Are tears streaming down your face from staring at your copy for too long? 😭 

Get a copy audit for better conversion, connection and clarity in your messaging.

Sometimes it's hard to take a step back from the copy you've already spent ages writing.

You don’t see the “you’re and your” mistakes anymore, let alone whether your copy forges that oh-so-important connection with your potential client. Halp!

I hear you.

I hear you - we all have our blind spots. Even I can use a second set of eyes on my copy.
What you need is a copy audit!

What's included in a copy audit:


Most frequent questions and answers

When I was a marketing manager I used to process 50 campaigns a year (copy + design). Now I do copy audits for my OBM clients and as a one-off service for entrepreneurs.

After payment you send me your material to review. The turnaround time after I receive your materials is 48hours max on weekdays. I may be able to do it faster but best to check with me before you buy.

You send me your copy in a editable Google doc (you have to give me permission to edit when you share!) and I will make edits in case of grammar/spelling mistakes and suggestions where I would word things differently. 

If you already have a live sales page, I will also record you a video outlining things to fix in terms of flow and design.

Anything you want! Website copy, email copy, social media copy.

  • Home page
  • Opt-in landing page
  • Sales page
  • About page
  • Welcome email sequence
  • Nurture email sequence
  • Sales email sequence
  • Opt-in funnel sequence

Do note that the price for this audit includes just ONE of these items. 

US English

UK English


Yes, send me a message (including VAT details if required) and I’ll send you a payment link. 

Hi, I'm Irina

I’m a multi-passionate yoga biz owner and former marketing manager with 10 years experience in the corporate world. After a major burn-out and some serious soul searching I retrained to become a Yoga and Ayurveda teacher. 

I started my yoga business ForeverSunday Ayurveda + Yoga in 2016. With YogaBusinessGrowth I can combine all my skills and experience in helping other yoga teachers do their Dharma work and multiply their impact on the world.

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