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How to create a digital product as a yoga teacher

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There may be affiliate links in this post. This means I may receive a reward or commission if you purchase something through my link, at no extra cost to you. I only recommend products, services or courses I have personally used or tested and love! (you know, Karma and all)

It can be TOUGH, being a yoga teacher. Filling your classes, online or face-to-face, working at odd times (6am or 9pm class anyone?), not to mention the seasons, where summer can be more quiet (especially after a winter of severe lockdowns!). 

But the rent or mortgage has to be paid, and we have to get food on the table too!

That’s where making money online with a digital yoga product or service can make a difference. We are now way more used to learning online than say 2 years ago, and digital learning is still on the rise.

What do I mean with a digital product?

A digital or online product can be many different things. It could be: 

  • a downloadable pdf (like a workbook or journal), 
  • audio content (eg a series of morning meditations), 
  • video content (online yoga classes or an online course, YTT)
  • a workshop or masterclass
  • 1:1 services like a private yoga class or coaching session

If it’s something you have taught live, face-to-face, chances are that you can turn it into a digital product.

Why should you create a digital product?

  • It’s wonderful to be learning from yoga teachers you admire who live far, far away from you. If it weren’t for their online offerings, you couldn’t possibly take their course, YTT or class. So what’s stopping YOU to offer your magic online?
  • A digital product is scalable. Once you’ve created it, you can sell it over and over and over again, with only limited intervention from you (occasional software updates, customer questions and possibly product launches/marketing). Yes, a digital product is passive income, but I personally haven’t yet created a digital product that I then could completely forget about. There’s no such thing as 100% passive income, but I do love waking up to money earned when I’ve sold a digital product overnight!
  • You don’t have to trade time for money. If you’ve ever taught 10-20 yoga classes a week you know how exhausting it is. Even if you “only” teach 2 classes a day, but they’re scheduled wide apart, one in the morning and one in the evening, it just takes its toll. You can’t properly finish your working day until late, and between classes it’s hard to relax, because you know you still have to work later. Not to mention, driving to different locations if you’re teaching in different studios! There are only so many hours a day. Working more to earn more has its limits… not least on your body. If you get tired or burnt out and need to rest, working less also means less income. 

How do you create and sell a digital product?

Once you’ve created your pdf, video series or audio, you’ll want to host it somewhere. Eg YouTube for video or Soundcloud for audio. But how can clients pay you, and how can you sell and deliver your online product? You can of course send someone a paypal link and send them the file… but you’ll want to automate the process if you’re planning to sell more than just a few!

This is what I use Sendowl* for. Sendowl is a software that lets you sell your digital products online. You connect it with a payment processor like Paypal or Stripe**, so your customers can feel secure that their payment details are safe. After the customer pays, Sendowl automatically delivers your digital product.

**At the moment of writing this, Sendowl connects with PayPal, Stripe, Apple Pay, Bancontact, Giropay, iDEAL, SOFORT, BitPay and Shopify.  

Some benefits of using a software provider like Sendowl

  • You upload the files into your Sendowl product and the customer gets their files immediately after purchase (and doesn’t have to wait until you wake up in another time zone to send it to them).
  • It connects with my Convertkit* account (and other email service providers), automatically tagging customers with the product they bought.
  • You get buy buttons to embed on your website or social media channel so it looks all secure and professional.
  • Create discounts and coupons
  • More advanced: you can do upsells (offer another product at checkout), and work with affiliates (other people who serve the audience you want to serve who sell your product for you for a commission)

What digital products can you sell via Sendowl as a yoga teacher?

  • A digital product (ebook, pdf). You just upload the file and the software does the rest.
  • A physical product eg say you want to start an online shop with yoga gear. You’ll obviously still have to package and send the product, but don’t have to worry about payment processing or lack of inventory as the software keeps track!
  • A recurring subscription eg a monthly fee to join as many yoga classes as the customer wants in that month (you’ll need to send them a zoom link if you’re teaching online)
  • A service – eg a private class or coaching session – in the confirmation email you can include a calendar link (like Calendly, Google calendar) so people can book themselves in.
  • A bundle – if you have more than one digital product, you can bundle them and sell them at a discounted price.

Additional notes

  • If the only thing you’re offering online are yoga classes, you will probably be better off with another software provider like Acuity or OfferingTree. But if you want to scale your online yoga business with digital products, Sendowl can be an amazing addition into your business. 
  • You basically have to sell only one digital product a month to cover the monthly cost ($15)! 
  • Sendowl* is the only provider (that I know of, sofar) that can do pdf stamping natively (without having to add zaps or connect extra tech), meaning it prints a message at the bottom of the your ebook after purchase eg name of the customer, email address,… (you can customise this). This way it isn’t so easy to share the file with others (or it will be clear that they weren’t supposed to).
  • If you want to create a full-blown online course, there are better softwares for that (blog post coming on that soonnnnn). But selling digital products like ebooks, replays of masterclasses or a 1:1 service with Sendowl is really easy!
  • Creating a profitable online yoga product is great for passive income over a longer period of time, but you need to build your audience to be able to sell it. Click here to read my article on why you absolutely need an email list for that!

Got stuck creating your digital yoga product and need a little push?

Book a 1:1 Voxer hour with me. We’ll spend an hour messaging back and forth and dive deep into creating your digital product. Whether you want to talk strategy or implementation tips, I’m here for it! And you can do it while walking the dog… book here! (Via Sendowl 😃)

Click here to learn more about Sendowl.**

**Affiliate link. I may earn a commission if you decide to buy this software with my link. I have used and love Sendowl, and think it is excellent price/quality, especially if you’re a new yoga teacher just bringing your first digital product on the market! I’ll never recommend something that I am not proud to recommend. You know, karma…..

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