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How to write an awesome yoga welcome email sequence

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The anatomy of the perfect yoga welcome email

Your welcome email or welcome email sequence is like a first date. They’ve found your website, landing page or profile, and they liked what they saw enough to swipe *errrr* sign up for your newsletter. 

And then you meet for the first time in their inbox… At lot is at stake here! This is your chance to make a good impression, tell your subscriber what you’re all about and show your personality. 

(This is why it’s important to write as if you’re speaking to a friend. If you’re goofy, let that shine through in your emails; if you’re more serious or matter-of-fact, let that be clear too! The people who resonate with the ‘real’ you will stick around, no matter what your authentic personal style is.)

So a welcome email sequence is an email or a series of emails that goes out automatically after your (potential) yoga student signs up for your yoga newsletter. You set it up once, and everyone who joins your email list will receive the welcome email. 

What are welcome email series best practices?

How many emails should a welcome sequence have?

The answer is very simple: at least 1. One amazing email is way better than a series of mediocre ones. You don’t want to write for the sake of writing; you’re here to provide value, connection, or sell something. This is true for all your emails.

I recommend having just 1-3 emails in your sequence. Here’s why.

The more emails you put into your welcome email sequence, the more work it is to update them later.

For instance, in one email you might want to send your top 3 of best blog posts. One or two years down the line, that list will likely have changed. Same with a product or service you’re promoting. (because you WILL set it and forget it, as a yoga business owner you’ll have other things to do!)

So my personal preference is to have just the one welcome email, and after your subscribers received it they can be added to other sequences or to your main mailing list.

Having just the one welcome email also means you don’t have to bother with excluding people while they are in your welcome email series (which is easy enough, but sometimes you forget… and then what your subscriber receives is a mish-mash of your well-curated welcome sequence and your weekly newsletter. No bueno).

What to write in your welcome email?

Well, what do you want them to know about you on the first date?

You might want to tell them how you got to this exact point in your life when you met them. They may be on a similar journey as you were, so you can show them you understand, and also what is possible for them.

For instance, it could be a story about:

  • how you got to be a yoga teacher
  • your very first experience with yoga
  • why you chose your specific yoga niche

Let’s say your niche is yoga for shoulder health. Explain how you struggled with your shoulder and how yoga helped you overcome your issues with it. And then you can go straight into telling them why they need you, to not struggle for as long as you did, and you have a shortcut/ solution for them.

Selling in your welcome email?

That’s right, you can totally offer or sell something in your first email! Your new subscriber found you, was happy to sign up, so this is a great moment to let them know what you do and how you can help them.

It sets expectations about paid offers too. In the yoga world there are a lot of expectations that yoga should be offered for free or it should be cheap.  It’s totally fine to offer some things for free, but after all, this is your profession and your business!

What if they signed up for an opt-in freebie? When do you send your welcome email?

You’ll want to deliver the freebie in the thank you email. This is also where they’ll confirm their email address. This is super important! If they don’t confirm their email address, you won’t be able to email them. So keep the thank you email very short, with a clear call to action.

And then send them your awesome welcome email later that day, or the next day!

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