Irina Adriaensen

online business manager

Hey there! I'm Irina.

As an online business manager or OBM I help save business owners from the headache of managing the day-to-day in their business

You can do anything, but you can't do everything.

How can I help?

Online business strategy + coaching

Teaching you how to be a confident business owner through coaching and mindset work, and knowing what works in the online business world - and what doesn't - so you don't burn yourself out with outdated or inauthentic business strategies and tactics

Marketing management

Creating and implementing a marketing strategy that feels authentic and lights you up

Project management

Organising and streamlining your projects and processes from A to Z and creating SOPs, while you see the vision for your business coming to life

Team management

The day-to-day follow-up of your employees and freelancers so everyone knows what to do

Launch management

Managing the launch of your new product or service so you can focus on showing up

Do you need an OBM?

You feel like you’re always running behind in your business.

Your days are often spent putting out fires… Nevermind the vision you have.

You can’t remember when you last had a holiday. Oh, how you wish you could go on holiday (or maternity leave) without your business falling apart while you’re away!

You’re overwhelmed with all the options of what to do next and need a sounding board who knows your business through and through.

You’re spending all your time IN your business instead of on it.

If this sounds like you, get in touch!



In your business, you want someone to...

  • be your second brain that you can bounce ideas off
  • take care of the day-to-day running of your business so you can focus on new ideas and growth
  • take charge, show initiative and solve problems for you as they arise
  • assess your systems and create efficient processes and automations 
  • create clear communication channels

What's it like to work with me?

Irina’s support as an OBM has been incredible. I couldn't recommend her enough! One of the things I appreciate the most is that she also has knowledge when it comes to wellness and wellbeing. She was not just an OBM and someone with the technical skills and the knowledge, she also is great in strategy and helped me strategize and prioritize things. She's been really honest at keeping me on track and reminding me of what's important! That was really a game changer for me in the past eight months. I'm super grateful for you. If you're thinking of working with Irina, please go girlfriend! I promise you won't be disappointed!

Choose your plan



Minimum retainer package
Includes 1 strategy hour and up to 4 hours/month support
Min 3 month commitment


Retainer package
Includes 2 strategy hours and up to 8 hours/month support
Min 3 month commitment


Minimum retainer package
Includes weekly strategy hour and up to 16 hours/month support
Min 3 month commitment


Strategy power hour

This is a one-off 60 minute strategy session with me.
If you're not ready for a retainer contract but need some help, pronto, this is for you.

Consulting Retainer

My eyes and my brain on your business, on repeat.
This plan is a retainer for a custom coaching and consulting package for your business. Basically, ask me anything, anytime about your business during business hours and I'll get back to you within 24hours, usually faster.

This is for you if you don't need any implementation work done.

Weekly Zoom meetings and/or daily Voxer/Slack access to me.

Contact me for custom pricing based on your needs.

Mnimum price includes a weekly 60 minute strategy meeting. Min 3 month commitment.

Project based work

Flat rate for your project from start to finish. Contact me to discuss the scope of your project. Get in touch by booking a 30 minute discovery call, or send me a message through the chat form (bottom right corner of this page).

Client love notes

I love being able to talk things through with you. Sometimes that's all we need - someone to brainstorm with, discuss new ideas or make future plans for the business and I get that with you. This in itself is HUGE for me, especially as I'm someone who tends to overthink and sometimes struggles with decision-making.

Irina has helped me organize and systematize my blog writing, course launching, and weekly tasks. In addition, she has taken a look through my stats so that I can make decisions on where to put my energies. Having a partner to talk through my plans as well as my resistance has made running my business not just more efficient, but more fun. And I spend way less time looking for things! I love that I feel comfortable and safe to be as I am without concern about being judged.

Who am I?

My name is Irina. I studied business engineering at the University of Antwerp (Handelsingenieur). I have a masters in Marketing and 10 years of experience in the corporate world. In my last job as a marketing manager at a big international publishing company I managed a marketing budget of 25k EUR and was responsible for bringing in 250k in revenue.

After I struggled with a burnout I took a sabbatical and trained to become a yoga teacher and ayurveda consultant. I started up my dharma project ForeverSunday Yoga and Ayurveda in 2015, and learned the ropes of running an online business. 

I’ve played and experimented with content creation, different tech solutions and advertising and can advise you on what strategy or tech stack would work best for you. The next step? Book a free 30 minute discovery call!

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