April 6, 2023

004 how to create and sell a digital product as a yoga teacher

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The YogaBusinessGrowth Podcast
The YogaBusinessGrowth Podcast
004 how to create and sell a digital product as a yoga teacher

Yoga teacher Irina Adriaensen hosts the Yoga Business Growth podcast and in this episode she talks about creating digital products as a way to supplement income. Irina explains that digital products, like PDFs, videos, and audio can be sold and delivered through automated systems so that you don’t have to worry about managing and delivering the items. She also talks about the benefits of creating digital products, like reaching more people and generating passive income.

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YogaBusinessGrowth is brought to you by Irina Adriaensen. Irina is a certified coach, online business manager, marketing expert and also a Ayurvedic nutrition and lifestyle consultant and yoga teacher (500+hr YT). Irina is a multi-passionate yoga biz owner and former marketing manager with over 10 years experience in the corporate world. She started her yoga business ForeverSunday Ayurveda + Yoga in 2016 and has helped yoga teachers, coaches and other wellness professionals grow their business since 2020.

With YogaBusinessGrowth Irina combines all her passions, skills and experience in helping other yoga teachers do their Dharma work and multiply their impact on the world.


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The YogaBusinessGrowth Podcast

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