March 23, 2023

003 Should you teach yoga for free?

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The YogaBusinessGrowth Podcast
The YogaBusinessGrowth Podcast
003 Should you teach yoga for free?

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Welcome to the YogaBusinessGrowth Podcast! In this episode we explore the question of whether or not you should teach yoga for free. Yoga is a spiritual and physical practice that has been around for centuries, and has gained immense popularity in recent years.

But as the popularity of yoga continues to grow, so does the debate around whether yoga teachers should offer their services for free, or charge a fee. Some argue that yoga is a sacred practice that should not be commodified, and that teaching it for free is a way to honor its true essence.

Others, however, believe that charging for yoga classes is not only fair, but necessary in order to sustain a career as a yoga teacher. In this podcast, we’ll dive into this complex topic and explore the different perspectives surrounding it.

We’ll also examine the practical considerations that go into teaching yoga, such as the cost of training and certification, as well as the time and energy required to plan and lead a class.

So whether you’re a yoga teacher yourself, a student of yoga, or simply curious about this ongoing debate, join us as we explore the question: should you teach yoga for free?

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Should you teach yoga for free?


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