006 Yoga Teacher Burnout

In this insightful podcast episode, Irina from the YogaBusinessGrowth Podcast interviews Georgina Watson, a yoga teacher and teacher trainer at Inner Yoga in Bali, about the topic of burnout. Prefer to watch this on Youtube? They share their personal experiences with burnout, discussing symptoms, overcoming burnout, and the importance of self-care and setting boundaries. The […]

005 Marketing your yoga classes or yoga studio without social media

Today we’re talking about how you can grow your yoga biz as a yoga teacher and not just rely on social media to grow your business. Don’t get me wrong, social media can be a valuable tool to help you build your biz and get people into your yoga classes, but it shouldn’t be the […]

004 how to create and sell a digital product as a yoga teacher

Yoga teacher Irina Adriaensen hosts the Yoga Business Growth podcast and in this episode she talks about creating digital products as a way to supplement income. Irina explains that digital products, like PDFs, videos, and audio can be sold and delivered through automated systems so that you don’t have to worry about managing and delivering […]

003 Should you teach yoga for free?

Read this as a blog post: click here Welcome to the YogaBusinessGrowth Podcast! In this episode we explore the question of whether or not you should teach yoga for free. Yoga is a spiritual and physical practice that has been around for centuries, and has gained immense popularity in recent years. But as the popularity […]

002 Why every yoga teacher needs an email list

Today we’re talking about why you need an email list as a yoga teacher and not just rely on social media to grow your business, and also once you started an email list, you want to be emailing your subscribers regularly, and what do you write to them? Summary Your reach with an email list […]

001 How to get more visibility as a yoga teacher

How to become more visible as a yoga teacher? The more visible you are, the greater the impact you have, and also the more income you will make. What are common mindset blocks to putting yourself out there, and I’m sharing some journalling questions to dig deeper into why you’re holding yourself back, and what […]

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