Let me get out the yoga business first aid kit for you!

Coaching power hour

Get unstuck on a specific issue in your yoga biz that is holding you back RIGHT NOW.

Whether you want to brainstorm digital course ideas, talk pricing your yoga classes or you're mid-launch of your yoga course and panicking, I'm here for it.

In just one hour, you’ll gain more clarity about YOUR next best steps.

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I'm bringing 10 years of experience in marketing, branding and copywriting and 5 years of running my own yoga business to the table (Zoom call) and I'll hold nothing back!

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One-off coaching power hour
$ 250

You can spend a lot of time and money on $47 courses and learning #allthethings. Or you can book an hour with me!*

* If it is hard for you to schedule or focus on a 1 hour video call, we can set up a 3 hour coaching container where we exchange voice and text messages via Voxer or Volley (these are free apps you can install on your phone).
This wouldn't mean we'd be messaging for 3 hours straight! There will be natural breaks in the conversation where you can digest or implement, or you can go about your day (pick up the kids from school, walk your fur babies,...)

Just let me know at the time of booking!

Hi, I’m Irina!

I’m a multi-passionate yoga biz owner and former marketing manager with 10 years experience in the corporate world. After a major burn-out and some serious soul searching I retrained to become a Yoga and Ayurveda teacher. 

I started my yoga business ForeverSunday Ayurveda + Yoga in 2016. With YogaBusinessGrowth I can combine all my skills and experience in helping other yoga teachers do their Dharma work and multiply their impact on the world.

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